a 10-year Labor of Love

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We all know the world of wine is complex, and there's no easy way to become a master. If you want to become proficient, you typically have to take a scholarly approach.

Plus with no clear convention for wine labels to communicate type, varietal and region; wine selection can be shrouded in mystery.

To help people better appreciate wine, we have developed a new way to understand it. The Gardner Method allows you to learn by experience, in our unique structured tasting event.

Imagine knowing how to navigate any restaurant wine list, liquor store, food pairing or gifting situation. You will no longer have to tolerate mediocre wine and you'll only select wine you absolutely love.

That's an awesome wine life.

Get Wine-smart

  • Confidently navigate a wine menu at any restaurant
  • Browse any local wine store without assistance

  • Pair wine with dinner and know exactly how to match flavor profiles

  • Impress your friends with deep regional and varietal knowledge

Departing From Convention

  • Most people have no idea where to begin; it's an information overload
  • Regular wine courses are too elaborate and time consuming
  • The scene can be too stuffy and rigid
  • It becomes an insurmountable task and we put it on the back burner