The structured mega tasting

How the Gardner Method helps you find the wine you love and live your ideal wine life

Suppose you were to organize a mega tasting of wine (with 20-30 bottles) but you fixed the variables of varietal, region, and vintage. You'd then have a representative sample of the region. You also make sure this particular region is one of the best in the world for the chosen varietal, and the vintage is drinking well at present. And you make sure to select wines with mixed prices, ranging from $20-$100, from all over town, likely spending upwards of $1000. Do all this and you have the foundation to our systematic approach to finding the wine you love.

Luckily we've done the work for you

Now all you need to do is try all the wines, using a spittoon, and simply identify the one's you prefer. There will be one's you don't care for, one's you like, and one's you love. And you'll be surprised at the range of flavor within this deliberately constricted bunch!  


The Gardner Method provides a fast-tracked way to learn the fundamentals of an awesome wine life. There are 16 Primary Wines that cover all occasions and pairings. If you applied this method to all 16 wine types, attending one event for each, and you identified your favorites each time; then you'd have a full book of specific wines that you know you absolutely love and that cover all scenarios.

Imagine knowing how to navigate any restaurant wine list, liquor store, food pairing or gifting situation. You will no longer have to tolerate mediocre wine and you'll only select wine you absolutely love.

wine dinner table people fun.jpeg

Your objective is simply to find the wines you love


What to expect

  1. You'll have access to 20-30 bottles of one wine type: a single varietal, vintage, and region
  2. More than $1000 worth of wine to taste, in one sitting
  3. Although there's a range in prices, from $20-$100, the numbers will be hidden until the end
  4. Arrive whenever you'd like during the allotted time, and stay for as long or as short as you'd like

What Not to expect

  1. Complex analysis or tasting notes for any wine
  2. That all wines of this single type will taste the same (expect the opposite!)
  3. A workshop where you'll be forced to endure a 2-hour lecture